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"Providing everyone with a (professional) interest in aviation with up-to-date, complete and reliable authoritative information on airliner production and owner histories".

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Servaas has been working on production-lists since the age of 10, first on bookkeeping-papers and by computer since 1989. More than building a beautiful page with flashy buttons and java-scripts, he takes pride in the content; presenting the most complete and reliable lists around. Aart Langevoort joined forces in fall 2000, Giovanni Rodriguez added many propliners around 2005-2007 and since Werner Fischdick added some smaller executive jets and props.

Uni Airways (Taiwan) MD-90-30

We'll try to update and add more airliners monthly.
I have chosen to present zip-files of the Excel-sheets, above presenting the info in HTML-script (like the example below), because of the numerous ways you can use Excel for all kinds of queries, like making a list of all current operators, all Zimbabwean operators, re-order the aircraft to building order etc.

For more possibilities, read the manual sheet in each Excel-file. By clicking on the links to the databases, your computer will download the zip-file. You can unzip it and open it in Excel (from Windows 1995 onwards).
You'll find a complete explanation in the database-file itself. Each Excel file contains two worksheets; "Prodlist" which is the actual airliner production list itself, and "Manual," the explanation and abbrevation-list.
Below is how one MD-80 (of total 1300 aircraft! ) is mentioned in the sheet "MD-80/90/Boeing 717".

You may consider the information on this site as a type of wall map to information on the major airliners.

regi ln f/f regi operator d/d type st fate/remarks
48005 957 17.01.81 HB-INF Swissair 28.01.81 81   own RPC 7.10.93, ret RPC 30.5.96
      SE-DMU SAS 31.05.96   C i.s. 9.6.96, due ret less 9.00

Another one of these 1300 is pictured above; MD-90 B-17922 of Uni-Airways.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why are there so few new airliners lately ? Will your site ever contain all airliners?

A: It costs a lot of time to correct and update the new airliners, without compromising on accuracy. And when more airliners are added, updating everything each month will cost an increasing amount of time. Almost all major jets -which generate the most interest- are now featured. In a slow pace, work is done on additional types.


Q: Why not full histories of all aircraft?

A: Just a matter of time and priority. In case of out-of-production aircraft with a vast owner-history, I don't feel the need to
retype information which is readily available in books. Most people are more interested in the fates and current wherabouts of airliners, and want to identify the aircraft they spot. Some older airliners (like the 707 and 727) are or will be presented complete because I compiled these already some time ago (but I would never want to do THAT again). For some airliners of which I skip their early history (like the DC-8, BAC 1-11 or the Shorts), this database is the perfect update to any of the Roach-Eastwood Airliner Production Lists books.

Help me

Should you have any comment on this web page, either about the structure or content, that would be welcomed by mail. If you are serious about helping me on a more structural basis, please let me know, and I can give you some stuff to complete or update.

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The Airliner Production List series (Jet, Turboprop, Piston) of J. Roach and A.B. Eastwood
Airliners Magazine
Aviation Letter
JP Airline-Fleets International
Survivors 97
World Airline Fleets News
World Directory of Airliner Crashes
numerous other books, magazines, websites, spotting and research by Servaas, Aart and Werner
emails, info and photo's kindly supplied by Paul van Vliet, Giovanni Rodriguez Bravo, Richard Bakker, Rianne van der Sluis, Marc van der Zalm, Rene Sikkerle, Thomas Pohl, Dirk Gortzak, Arno Janssen, Dan Gradwohl, Koen Vugs, Ralph Walker, Radomir Zaric, Jan-Erik Andelin, Andrew Semon, Ton Jansens, Chris Delvaux, Gery Elis, Ralph Walker, Bob Daley, Julien Moerenhout, Andrew Ledingham, Andreas Keller, Alan Radecki, Björn Wittek, Gregory Zemla, Sebastián Popovsky, Guido Merkelbach, Micha Lück, Thomas Klein, Roberto Rodriguez, Dirk Fosté, Franz Pötzelsberger, Stewart Lanham, Bruce Campbell, Adrian Hochreutener and many others

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Although the photo's are presented to us as original copyright-free photo's, you might bump into your own picture and don't like it to be presented here without payment. Mail me about it and I'll not hesitate to replace it.

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